For more than 10 years, under brand name “Ankara Kaptan”, we have been an institution trying to get hundreds of trainees acquainted with amateur sailing.

With our multi-lingual work partners who have university degrees and focused on customer satisfaction and paying attention to importance of training, we are trying to make our livings joyfully out of this field of business that we love. For twelve months without interruption, we set sails in Fethiye and Göcek Bays and pursue our training programs. We are a team that are sincerely connected to their jobs with amateur spirit, trying not only teaching their trainees how to sail a boat but protecting the environment & sealife, life on boat & sea and boat culture as well. 

The list of our trainees is formed of people from several different disciplines consisting of business persons, university students, professors, retired seniors, youngsters of 14-17 years of age, private organisations and their personnel, etc. 

Due to these facts, Ankara Kaptan has been a well-known and preferred company both in Ankara and in the other cities of Turkey.

Göcek, that small heaven of the yacht tourism, is a brand itself. We always say that the seas on the world are divided in two: Göcek and others! For the sail sports, Göcek is one of the top centers in the world. It is so well protected that the waves are only those created by the sailing boats. You can enjoy sailing and swimming in this sea for 12 months. Thanks to the dantela-like bays, no sheltering problem is experienced.  You may either tie up to the small quay of the restaurant in the bay which has no road to drive through or, drop an anchor in a small uninhabited bay for a silent night. It is just like one’s home that warmly hugs; once you get accustomed, you can never give up.

Contrary to its world-wide fame, just in the recent years Göcek has been a trendy destination for the citizens of Turkey. At the restaurants in bays that have no car roads but serving to the yacht sailors, you may encounter several internationally and/or locally famous persons, i.e. Princess Caroline, Dustin Hoffman, Tina Turner, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, etc. at a table a couple feet away from you. Under sponsorship of several brand names, Göcek hosts two Regattas in a year that local and international sailors participate. This small haven offers more decent, more silent and more peaceful environment.

Thus, by gathering Ankara Kaptan and Göcek Bay together, with 4 sailboats, we formed Ancyra Sailing in 2019.