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Why Choose Us

Welcome to Ancyra Sailing. What differs us from the others is that we are, too, boat renting people just like you.

Ancyra Sailing

“ … your comfort and sailing without trouble…”

Perhaps our boats are not so young, but all our efforts are for you to sail in comfort with no trouble.

Ancyra Sailing

“… every single piece of equipment is checked …”

Our technical staff carefully checks each piece of equipment; for the sake of taking no risk, tests every one of them individually; in case of even very very small possibility of having a problem, takes precaution at once. That is, all the sailboats must work without any problem throughout the year.

Ancyra Sailing

“…for your comfort and safety…”

From bed sheets to kitchen dishes, from tool bags to first aid kits, everything is detailly considered, checked and prepared for your comfort and safety.

Ancyra Sailing

“… not luxurious but nothing missing …”

Under consideration of the comfort and requirements of a sail boat, not a luxurious boat but a boat with nothing missing onboard is made up for your comfort and safety.

Ancyra Sailing

“… with the most convenient pricing …”

Despite these all above, if you experience any trouble, we are always in reach of you with our fast solutions. And presenting these all with the most convenient prices moreover makes us happy as being “you”.

Ancyra Sailing

We are only one “click” away from you!


About Us

By combining Ankara Kaptan and Göcek Bay, we formed Ancyra Sailing, with 4 sailboats, in 2019.

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Our Sailing Boats

With most competitive prices a comfortable and safe sailing experience without any trouble; on a boat not luxorious but with nothing lacking...

LAGOON 400 SII (2014)

  • SUNCITY 2; Lagoon 400 SII, 2014
  • 4+2 Cabins, 4 WC, 8+2 Persons
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LAGOON 380 (2013)

  • SUNCITY 1; Lagoon 380, 2013
  • 4+2 Cabins, 2 WC, 8+2 Persons
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  • ILONA; Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509, 2015
  • 4 Cabins, 2 WC, 8+2 Person
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  • SUNCITY 4; Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440, 2021
  • 4 Cabins, 2 WC, 8+2 Person
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  • TOYA; Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439, 2012
  • 4 Cabins, 2 WC, 8+2 Person
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DUFOUR 430 GL (2022)

  • TIAN; Dufour 430 GL, 2022
  • 4 Cabins, 2 WC, 8+2 Person
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  • SUNCITY 3; Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410, 2021
  • 3 Cabins, 2 WC, 6+2 Person
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DUFOUR 405 GL (2010)

  • NORA; Dufour 405 GL, 2010
  • 3 Cabins, 2 WC, 6+2
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  • EPS-EPP; Beneteau Oceanis 40, 2008
  • 3 Cabins, 2 WC, 6+1 Persons
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  • CANSUM; Beneteau Oceanis 40, 2008
  • 3 Cabins, 2 WC, 6+1 Persons
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  • MAVİ ADA; Bavaria 38 Cruiser, 2008
  • 3 Cabins, 1 WC, 6+1 Persons
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What do you think of a brand-new sailing experience?


I always rent my sailing boat from Ankara Kaptan - Ancyra Sailing because it feels like you are getting it from a family member. As you know, you have usually few weeks per year where you want to be relaxed and not to think, except the memories that you will collect from your holiday. At Ankara Kaptan - Ancyra Sailing, the whole journey, from the preparation of the trip to the taxi back to the airport, everything is flawless and with a big warm smile and hospitality at each step. Everything is ready for you before you arrive and you start your holiday from the first minute you arrive to the marina. Everybody in the surroundings is helpful to you, as they know Ankara Kaptan - Ancyra Sailing for years now. You embark to an organized and tidy sail boat and get your spots at the best locations of Göcek, again as everybody knows Ankara Kaptan - Ancyra Sailing for years. I can never measure the quality of my journey with the money I have spent for the experiences entirely organized by Ankara Kaptan - Ancyra Sailing, to my specific wishes and friends’ expectations.

Emre Salmanoğlu

As a sea-lover trainee of yours and whom you made met her years-long dreams in 2012, I’ve had several possibilities in the following years to open sails to peace and navigate on your boats. In all my experiences until now, I have always felt your unequalled support as well as of your team, although the periods from my first contacts to rent a boat until returning it. Besides, each time I have received your boats clean and well cared without any item missing. While sailing toward freedom, I have not had any trouble at all. I repeat my sincere thanks for all the services and close support you have so far provided. With best regards…

M. Erdem Turfan

While writing this, I remember Mavi Ada, one of the boats of Ankara Kaptan, as if my home in a distance, with an acrid feeling and, wishing to get onboard of it again. There are a few factors making you feel that much comfortable in your connection with the environment you live in for a few days, only: Firstly, easy circumstances in renting and communicating, integrity and friendly look. Ankara Kaptan delivers its boats always very clean, well cared and with nothing lacking. In all of our experiences so far, we have rented the boats with our minds at ease as we know how Ankara Kaptan takes care and assures quality of its boats in detail. You will find all equipment of daily use or technical, from glasses for different beverages packed up individually and clean, to kitchenware; from snorkels to extra ropes, in “neta” condition. Wishing to meet again in seas, a.s.a.p.

Sezen Ümitli

I had opportunities to rent boats from Ankara Kaptan several times and sail through Göcek and the bays in vicinity. Each time, I and my friends were very satisfied of the quality of service we received and of the care and attention of Ankara Kaptan teams. After renting the boat, it was real chance for us to work with professionals who loved their jobs so that they helped us about bays to visit, restaurants serving the best food and so on. Ankara Kaptan is absolutely correct choice in sailboat rental. We are impatiently looking forward to the days when we’ll open the sails to new places. Lots of thanks to Benhür and Candan Captains for everything.

Barbaros Ersu

We have no chance to see in advance the boats we intend to rent and get trained in sailing as we live in Ankara. We heard of Ankara Kaptan from people who were previously trained by and rented boat from them. We took our first journey in May 2017. Everything was considered in so well detailed, planned so much beautifully that the patience of the captains, supporting us at every step of the rental sequence, guidance, boats being clean and well cared… We put the sails on and on again in July 2017, July 2018, August 2018 and November 2018, with Ankara Kaptan. We noticed that there was no commercial grief and compensation in safety while providing electric sockets in every cabin, large water tanks, powerful batteries, etc., thus enhancing our comfort. Further, during our sailing, Ankara Kaptan was always on the other end of the phone connection in each of our smallest questions. Thanks Ankara Kaptan; good that you exist.

Bahar & Ayberk Akman

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